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Get paid every month – no minimum amount with PayPal

If you choose PayPal to receive your payments, there’s no minimum amount (commission payout threshold).

Before you had to accrue at least USD 50 (or equivalent) in commission to receive a payout. Now you receive your commission every month – no matter the amount – if you choose PayPal as your payment method.

→ Switch your payout to PayPal

Why did you change the payment terms?

It can be challenging to reach a commission of more than USD 50 (or equivalent) within a single month. Many partners asked us to find a way how they can receive their payments earlier. We understand that cash flow – no matter the amount – is important. That’s why we’re introducing the option to receive any payout amount via Paypal – without a minimum.

Why is there still a minimum payout amount when choosing ‘bank’ for payout?

Due to the various terms and fees different countries and banks worldwide apply, we cannot ensure that your bank won’t charge you high fees for receiving payments. The minimum amount of USD 50 (or equivalent) ensures that potential banking fees don’t overly consume or even exceed your payment.

Read more about our payment options here.

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