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Performance Improvement Tests & Results

You’ve probably noticed some changes recently. We’d like to update you on what’s changed and how you benefit from our widget and website optimization tests. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Our primary goal is to connect your audience with unforgettable experiences they’ll love. That’s why we continuously optimize the way we present activities on GetYourGuide widgets and our website. Higher click-through and conversion rates ultimately contribute to more commission in your bank account.

# Optimization tests – 2022 January to March

What we’ve been working on for you

1. Landing page experience
Many travelers are not committed to booking a specific activity yet when they read your content.
They’re often just exploring all the things they could do in a destination.

Previously, your visitors were landing on a dedicated activity detail page. This is less helpful to explore and understand alternative activities. We tested if showing the tour you’re linking to (highlighted on top) together with other activities increases performance.

We’re happy to announce that the new landing page experience increased the conversion rate by 5.2%.
Thanks to another improvement of how we select the alternative activities presented together with your activity, we were able to increase conversion rate by an additional 3.5%.
Can I still link to the dedicated activity detail page?
Yes. While we don’t recommend it for conversion rate reasons – we understand that there can be situations where you want to force the visitor to land on the dedicated detail page of an activity. To do so, you can add the following parameter to your affiliate link:

Here's an example how your deeplink could look like: 

Always use our integration tools to ensure that the integration works properly and we’re able to attribute any bookings to your account. After you’ve generated your deeplink, you can add the optional parameter “&mkt_cmp=true” to it.

2. Aggregation of similar activities into a single, unified activity
Some suppliers offer very similar activities with only slight differences on our marketplace. This can make choosing an activity quite hard for customers.

We decided to aggregate activities that are very similar into a single, unified activity. Within such activities, the customer can then choose further options like an additional audio guide.

This simplifies the exploration and booking decision for customers and also means more availability of high demand attractions. Because we’re now bundling all available supply in unified activities, visitors are less likely to encounter unavailability just because one of the options is not available. This could happen before if you linked to a specific activity that is not available.

The simplified choice and increased availability of activities have improved the conversion rate. 

That’s why we may redirect your visitors to the unified activity instead of the specific activity you linked to. Going forward, you’ll only find the unified activity in our marketplace, search, and integration tools.

3. Widget improvements

A. Reassurance message
Uncertainty prevents travelers from booking. That’s why we added a reassurance message for booking with GetYourGuide. Free cancellation, health & safety standards, and best price guarantee provide travelers with the confidence to book today – knowing they’re flexible and safe.

We’re happy to share that the widget reassurance message generates a 6.8% uplift in conversion rate.

B. Creating better widget context
Our user research found that readers exploring your article might not understand that our widgets offer experiences they can book. That’s why we improved the connection for the reader with the additional context “The best experiences in [destination] for your trip”.

As a result, we could generate a 3.6% increase in click-through rate. We’ll continue testing this theme to create more clarity for your readers.

C. Dynamic image cropping
We improved the image cropping in the widget. Because widgets are responsive to your page layout and the user device, the image would previously just scale down or be cropped. This may result in an image that is less favorable to represent the experience and inspire the reader. We're now dynamically cropping and automatically focussing the important parts of the image.



This improvement has resulted in a 3% increase in click-through rate. We’ll continue to improve our imagery to inspire even more readers to click-through, explore, and book. 

Safeguard – we protect your income
Every test we run has rigorous statistical monitoring to ensure that there’s no negative impact on any metric like click-through and conversion rate. If we find a negative impact, we stop the test immediately. Thanks to the large volume of traffic we receive, we can determine this very quickly within 24h.

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