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A User’s Guide to: Availability Widget

We are committed to providing the necessary tools to help you boost your performance. For this reason, we decided to launch a new widget to help your readers understand visually the availability of the experiences you post about.

With this widget, you will be able to display the availability for any experience in our inventory via a calendar. The calendar will already have grayed out the dates we don’t have available, as well as, show the dates the experience has a discounted price.
You will have the ability to choose between a light or a dark color theme:

Once your reader clicks on the book now button they will be redirected to the activity page where they can continue their booking journey. 

How does this widget perform?
The new availability widget has shown very promising results, performing beyond our expectations. Through a beta-test initiative, we were able to measure the success of this widget showing an average click-through rate (CTR) of above 5.2% and a conversion rate (CR) of above 2.4%. 

With what types of experiences should I use this widget?
The availability widget works best when used in articles centered around a specific experience. For example, articles that talk exclusively about the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps an article that helps visitors understand how to travel from and to Los Angeles’s airport. 

We have noticed that City Cards and Attractions have performed the best with an average CR of 7.8% and 6.2% respectively. 

When the widget was used on more inspirational articles or listictle-type articles most of them had a CR of under 0.5%.  This is most likely due to the lower intent of your reader as they might be still in the early stages of their travel planning journey.

For inspirations or list type of article, we recommend our activities or city widget. 

Where should I use this widget?
In regards to where to position your widget, we usually recommend above the fold, as most readers do not go below that.  

Sidebar vs In-text: We do not have a clear answer for this. However, early results show better performance for sidebar availability widgets. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you test it with your readers and see what works best for your website. 

How do I install the widget?
This widget works the same way as our other widgets. Just follow the installation instructions in the widget builder.

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