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The bookings report shows you the details of every booking your visitors have made. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Discover the report

Main use cases
At a glance – monitor your bookings.

  • Keep track of your bookings, their status and potential income.
  • Understand what activities your customers are booking and when they travel.
  • Find out which campaign generated the booking.
  • Understand your audience – learn more about where your travelers come from and how many people are traveling.

When to check the report
We recommend checking the report at least weekly to stay up to date with your recent bookings and trends you might see. 

Navigate the report
If you need help on how to use general report features like applying filters or downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Booking date
The date the traveler makes the booking. Their actual travel date might be days, weeks, or months in the future.

Travel date
The date the traveler plans to attend the activity.

Your bookings can have one of three distinct statuses. These determine how much commission you’ll actually earn. See section ”Potential income” for more details on that.

  • Completed: Once a traveler has attended the activity, i.e. the travel date is in the past, we consider it completed and the commission is added to your next payout.
  • Pending: If an activity hasn’t been conducted yet, i.e. the travel date is still in the future, the commission is on hold pending completion.
  • Canceled: If a booking is canceled, the commission won’t be paid out.

The country location of the activity.

The city location of the activity.

The type of activity (e.g. attraction ticket or walking tour).

If you have added the “cmp” parameter to your deeplink or widget, your visitors and bookings will retain the campaign information. This way, you know which campaign generated the booking for you. You can find your summarized campaign performance in the campaigns report.

Traveler origin
The home country of the traveler, determined by their billing address. You can use this information to better understand where your relevant audience is from.

Activities your visitors purchased after clicking on one of your GetYourGuide affiliate links or widgets.

Potential income
This is the amount of commission from your bookings. We only pay out commission if the traveler has attended the activity. That’s why we call it potential income. Once the activity has been conducted, the commission is added to your next payout. Read more about commission tracking and payout here.

The number of people traveling on this booking, determined by the tickets purchased for an activity. This way, you can better understand if your audience are solo travelers, couples, families/groups etc.

Download data
To explore larger data sets or store the data for future use, it can be helpful to download the results, for example as an Excel file. If you need help on how to use general report features like downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Integrating activities
Whenever you’re adding activities to your content, please use our integration tools to ensure the integration works properly and we’re able to attribute any bookings to your account.

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