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US Demand Recovery 2021

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The US is currently experiencing the fastest travel recovery worldwide. By providing you up-to-date insights and content, we want to support you in profiting from this trend.
Find out which tours and activities are most popular among US domestic travelers. Use this knowledge to update your existing content with the latest tours, get inspired to write new content, and capture the growing US domestic demand.

Where domestic travel in the US is currently possible
        Up-to-date US travel restrictions by state

Which locations and experiences are high in demand
    ●    Off-the-beaten-track activities - hidden gems in the US and Mexico (as of Apr 23): download the report
    ●    Less crowded tours and outdoor activities (as of March 17): download the report
                Themes included: Nature & Adventure/Outside the City/Walking Tours/Exotic
                Locations/South-East Beaches/Western Outdoors/Private Tours/Eco Certified Tours
    ●    Most popular states and cities + top ranking activities (as of Feb 22): download the report

New tours and activities
    ●    Recently added to GetYourGuide (as of April 08): download the report

Explore US destinations
    ●    All US locations:
    ●    Example Miami:

SEO keywords currently popular in the US
    ●    Find out what US travelers are searching for (as of Apr 08): download the report

Free to use content provided by GetYourGuide
    ●    Image Pack (free to modify): Popular destinations in the US
    ●    Banner pack (various formats): Experience the US
    ●    Banner pack (various formats): Going on vacation

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