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Why haven't I received my commission payment?

If you haven’t received your commission payment, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

You have not added your payment information yet or added it incorrectly.
We cannot pay out any commission until payment details have been defined.
Please make sure to add or correct your payment details here or follow these instructions.

You have not reached the 50.00 USD commission payout threshold for Bank Transfers
If you have chosen the payment method "Bank Transfer" in Payment details, you will receive your commission payment only, if you have reached the threshold of 50.00 USD (or its equivalent). If you are below this threshold, your commission will stay pending until you have reached it.
For more information on the payout threshold, please click here.

Tour has not been conducted yet or got cancelled
Commission is only paid on activities that have taken place and on the amount finally charged. This means that if a booking was partially refunded, the commission will apply to the reduced amount.
For cancelled bookings, no commission will apply.

Payout day & bank transfer
If you have added your payment details correctly and reached the threshold, we pay out commission on the 5th* of the month following the date on which the activity took place. If this is not a working day, it will be paid on the following Monday. Please bear in mind that international bank transfers can take a few days. 

If you have met the above criteria and believe there is still an error or you have further questions, please contact our Partner Support.

*If this is not a working day, it will be paid on the following Monday.

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