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How do I check my bookings?

Keep track of your bookings and commission in your partner portal. 

To check your bookings, click on Bookings to directly access your booking overview or log in to your account and follow these instructions:
1. Once you have successfully logged in, click on "Analytics" and select “Bookings”. 
2. You can either display:

  • All bookings, which include canceled bookings, completed bookings and pending bookings or
  • Completed bookings which show all completed bookings that have either been paid out or will be applicable for commission payout.

You can find the detailed commission per booking as well as the campaign tracking term in the columns to the right of both menu items (click on either "All bookings" or "Completed bookings")

Don’t forget to adjust the time frame according to your needs (ie choose “Custom” for data for 30 days+ or any other customized range).

Information on booking statuses:
Pending: your reader/client made the booking but the activity hasn’t taken place yet (potential commission)
Canceled: your booking was canceled (no commission)
Completed: your reader/client attended the activity and your commission has been paid already or will be paid. For more information on commssion payment click here.

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