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Reopening travel: Tips to cater to the new traveler mindset

At GetYourGuide, everything we do has a laser focus on our customers — and we know it’s the same for you.

One of our first steps during the pandemic was actively listening and reacting to our community’s needs. It’s why we launched our biggest-ever customer research project, with 7000 respondents in six markets. So, what did we learn?

The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the travel industry. Now more than ever, personal health and safety are top concerns for travelers, and the risk of contracting the virus, besides fears of getting stuck, quarantining, or even big attraction and restaurant closures, means that people are less willing to travel far from home.

As a result, travel preferences are shifting from international and long-haul destinations to short, domestic ones. People still want to travel — the research is clear. But in the next 1-6 months, travelers are more likely to choose to travel within their own country.

Our six takeaways:

  1. COVID-19 is a main concern: Even those keen to travel have concerns around COVID-19. Concerns relate to physical and health safety, but also financial safety.
  1. Regional and domestic trips will dominate travel, especially in the short-term: This is due to external factors (border closures, quarantine requirements, and service/entertainment closures) as well as personal factors (contracting the virus, financial situations, fear of air travel).
  1. Strict safety measures will appease fears: Besides external triggers, like the development of a vaccine, measures like distancing, smaller groups, strict hygiene practices, enforcing masks and avoiding queues or crowds are likely to remove some of the barriers to consideration.
  1. Flexible cancellation: This was listed as the most important thing for travelers to consider booking tours and experiences right now.
  1. Travelers expect a new normal: Consumers and visitors now expect service providers to safeguard their experience through deep cleans, smaller crowds, and hygiene stations.
  1. Removing barriers while increasing incentives: Attractions can drive consideration by removing barriers like inflexible cancellation policies while increasing incentives like offering deals or discounts.

As a result of these learnings we have improved our product in the following ways:

  1. Updated our project changes with clear health and safety guidance
  2. Launched our clearer free cancellation policy
  3. Delivered our hyper localised It's all here customer-facing campaign

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