Partner Resource Center

What is it?

It’s a page that shows the status of each one of our primary services. It looks like this: 

The lines represent the days while the colors represent how healthy the service is: 

Green = system is completely operational 

Light green = partial system outage 

Red = critical system outage

How can it help you?

When there are significant elevated number of errors in any of our services, it will show updates and reports about them. This will be updated during business hours. The page will also show planned maintenance to help you plan your campaigns or integrations in the future.

What should I do next? 

  1. Visit the page and check it out! 
  2. You can subscribe to the updates so you’re automatically notified when any of our services/tools are down.

How will this page evolve: 

  1. We will add more relevant services as we see fit.
  2. We will integrate this page in the Partner Portal so you can have easier access to it!

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