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How to install the Integration Analyzer

How do I install the integration analyzer?
By adding one small code snippet to your website globally, you enable full analytics and new metrics for your integrations.

Where can I find the code snippet?
Head to your overview page or go to your link and widget builders. You’ll see on each of these pages a section to install your analytics code.

Where do I place the code snippet?
Paste the code snippet into the < head > of every page of your website. If you have a separate head file, you can just paste it there.

Please note: Once you have successfully installed your analytics code, these sections will no longer be displayed on any of these pages, and data will populate your Integrations page. It can take a few minutes, depending on the volume of traffic on your website, for the partner portal to update and show data on the Integrations page.

Do I need to update the integration analyzer after installing it?
No maintenance necessary — once you’ve installed the partner analyzer, we’ll take it from there. Any feature updates happen automatically.

What about Google Tag Manager?
For ease of use, we provide you with a plug and play template for Google Tag Manager.

Here is a video tutorial to further help you:
Need help installing your analytics code?
Our support team is here to help get you up and running. Reach out to us at any time through our Contact page.

Having issues after installing the integration analyzer? Here are some troubleshooting solutions for you:

Issue: Is the new integration analyzer code dropping 3rd party GYG cookies?
Answer: We don’t use 3rd party cookies as the cookies are added once the visitor clicks on one of our links. So they are added to the customer website.

Issue: I cannot visualize widgets or links anymore after installing the integration analyzer.
Answer: This depends on your website. Does it work if you’re reverting to the widget.js? Please contact partner support for your specific issue/s.

Issue: I am using Wordpress when installing the integration analyzer and I am having problems with the code and statistics are showing less or zero data.
Answer: Make sure you’re using our Wordpress plug in. Otherwise, it should work. If not, please reach out to partner support at

Issue: I don't see the results of the integration analyzer. When should it show? How long should I wait?
Answer: It should only take a few minutes until you see your first data. Due to data processing it can take up to one day in rare cases. Please wait at least a full 24 hours before reaching out to the partner support team.

Issue: How will I know if I installed the integration analyzer correctly?
Answer: There are multiple approaches to know if you installed it correctly:

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