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COVID-safe tours and activities in top destinations

GetYourGuide has conducted a study to see how customers currently feel about traveling. Our findings show that people are willing to travel, but are concerned about their safety. Up to 75% have stated that they want to travel in the next 12 months, but they are wary of which tours to pick. A solution to your audience’s safety concerns could be to promote private tours, because by going on private tours, they can avoid big crowds.

Not sure where to find an overview of our private tours? Here you can find our top private tours for Germany, the USA, France and Italy.


  1. Berlin | Berlin Reichstag and Glass Dome Private Tour
  2. Hamburg | Sex and Crime in St. Pauli - tour for ages 18+
  3. Nuremberg | [Nuremberg: 2-Hour Private Tour through Historical Old Town]
  4. Dortmund | Dortmund: German Football Museum
  5. Berlin | Private E-Rickshaw Ride through Berlin from your Hotel
  6. Hamburg | From Hamburg: Day Trip to Heligoland
  7. Nuremberg | Nuremberg: Private 2-Hour Tour with Brewery Visit
  8. Berlin | Berlin Express: Private 1-Hour E-Rickshaw Ride
  9. Nuremberg | Nuremberg: Private Tour with a Local Guide
  10. Frankfurt | Welcome to Frankfurt: Private Tour with a Local


  1. Los Angeles | Los Angeles: 1-Hour Airplane Flight for 2 Persons
  2. New York City | New York City Welcome: Private Tour with a Local Guide
  3. New York City | New York City: Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
  4. New York City | New York City: Private Helicopter Tour for Couples
  5. New York City | Standard Central Park Horse Carriage Ride
  6. San Francisco | San Francisco: 3-Hour Gocar Rental
  7. Miami | Everglades 60 Minute Airboat Tour & Gator Show
  8. San Diego | Half-Day San Diego City Sightseeing Tour
  9. New York City | Central Park: Short Loop Horse Carriage Ride
  10. Tusayan | The Grand Entrance: Jeep Tour of Grand Canyon National Park


  1. Venice | Venice: Private Tour with a Local Guide
  2. Milan | Milan: Ferrari Test Drive Experience with Tunnel
  3. Rome | Fast-Track Colosseum Arena, Roman Forum, Navona Private Tour
  4. Venice | Rialto Market Food and Wine Lunchtime Tour of Venice
  5. Venice | Venice: Private Gondola Ride
  6. Naples | Pompeii Skip-The-Line 2-Hour Private Guided Tour
  7. Venice | Venice: Private Gondola Tour
  8. Verona | From Verona: Amarone Wine Trail Tour
  9. Venice | Create Your Glass Artwork: Private Lesson With Local Artisan
  10. Venice | Venice: Gondola Grand Canal Ride


  1. Paris | Paris Louvre: 2-Hour Private Tour for Families & Children
  2. Paris | Paris: Private City Tour by Electric Tuk-Tuk
  3. Paris | Paris: Louvre Museum Private Family Tour Designed for Kids
  4. Nice | From Nice: 2-Hour Scenic Drive by 3-Wheel Vehicle
  5. Paris | Discover Paris by Night in a Vintage Car with a Local
  6. Lyon | Lyon Customized Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide
  7. Paris | Paris: Private Tour with a Local
  8. Paris | Vintage 2CV tour + Cruise
  9. Paris | Paris by Vintage Motorbike Sidecar
  10. Paris | Paris: City Tour by Luxury Panoramic Open-Top French Car

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